What Is The Importance Of Political Satire?

Political Satire is a way of approaching political topics which are generally out of reach of the common people. Through this medium, we the common people get to use humor and ridicule in one sentence to approach various issues that are bogging us down as individuals and as a society.

For centuries now, political satire has made politics more accessible and has created more people who are aware about what is happening around them. Today, our major source of political satire are various satirical news outlets and some newspapers that have dedicated one column to this genre. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that political satire news sections have seen a steep rise in the recent years and our society has also welcomed standup comedians who dare to use this genre to take potshots in the right direction.

Advantages Of Political Satire

Our major source of political satire are various satirical news outlets and some newspapers that have dedicated one column to this genre.

Increase in political satire segments in print as well as on TV, has created a new race of informed viewers who feel empowered to make informed decisions. This is particularly important today, when we have reached at a place where news outlets are under tremendous pressure about what kind of news they can put out. They are also under various restrictions from ruling parties, various sections of the society and their own need to earn profit in the process.

Example: Bubblegum Dungeon

Political satire is not only for… politics. Take a look at Bubblegum Dungeon – the adult’s only series from Adult Time, where BDSM genre of adult entertainment is kind of a satire to the seriousness that always surrounded it. That changed. 2019 version of BDSM genre is full of rainbow, colors and good old rough entertainment. It’s time to see it.

Logo of Bubblegum Dungeon Series
Logo of Bubblegum Dungeon Series

So, while news outlets may leave out critical information and may never touch topics that are of prime importance to our society, political satire can take the lead and bring to us information that is not misleading and is crucial. When using political satire, information is chosen based on comic value and deviation from essential information is not supported.

With all said and done it must also be noted that exaggeration is also a part of political satire. So, when taking political satire seriously, one has to trust his own instincts and decide how much to believe and how much to filter before acting on a given piece of information.

Political satire is an important part of our society now. We consume it from various channels and for years it has helped us solve critical issues at hand. But like all things hear say, it is upto us to use this genre to our advantage and realize when things are edging towards skepticism.

‘The Death Of Stalin’ Is One Of A Kind Political Satire

It is not always easy to talk to politicians, but Armando Iannucci managed it in the ‘Death of Stalin’. Analysts are already projecting the political satire as the best of 2018. The ‘Death of Stalin’ is a spin on one of Russia’s defining historic moments.

A Quick Glance At The Story

The story follows the events after the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953. His death led to the start of a power struggle. As politicians gathered to pay their last respects to their fallen leader and forge a future for their country, they had other concerns on their mind. Among the contenders for power were George Malenkov (Deputy General Secretary), Nikita Khrushchev (Moscow Party Head), and Vyacheslav Molotov (Foreign Minister).

That Sitcom Show – Going Back To The Past?

That Sitcom Porn Show
That Sitcom Porn Show

What is so special about the classic sitcoms we all watched back in 80’s/90’s? Who knows, probably the nostalgia inside you is controlling it. Well, we are in 2018 already and guess what. Nubiles crew has come up with this rather brilliant idea of turning the most-known sitcoms into their porn version. All these sexy female characters we had secret crush on will now be acted by professional porn stars. Nighttime life of these crazy families, right in front of your screen – only with That Sitcom Porn!

MYLF – Are They Related?

MYLF - Mom You Would Love to Friend!
MYLF – Mom You Would Love to Friend!

The love of mature women in soviet Russia? Well, it shouldn’t be a shocking thing, given during the years women are getting better and better with age. MYLF is standing for a mom that you would like to friend, obviously, right? 🙂 This is why you should visit official tube website of it and tell us if we were right with the last word being friend.

Although the satire was mined from a scary time in the life of the nation, Iannucci did a great job by finding the balance between the reality of the situation, and humor as portrayed by the characters. In one of the scenes, two soldiers open the door at the wrong time and accidentally becomes witness to a coup d’état in progress. They apologize with a bow as they close the door, but it is too late and guards are sent to hunt them down.


The Other Works By Iannucci

This is not the first political satire we have seen from Armando Iannucci. Those who follow his work know he is the brain behind ‘The Thick of It’ and ‘Veep’, which are also political satires. Veep was a political satire that follows the series of events before the Trump era.

Historical Correctness Of ‘Death Of Stalin’

Not all the events that played out in the movie are one hundred percent based on history. A few fictional twists were necessary to keep the audience amused and entertained. However, the movie contains enough fact for anyone to get a grasp of how desperate humans can be in the quest for power, and the extent to which they are willing to go.

None of the cast had Russian accents or were made to look like the real-life people they were portraying. Iannucci explained this was deliberate because he didn’t want to make it look like a history lesson. It was made to play out like every other contemporary movie. Another salient message in the movie is the ease with which political toadies can be erased from the picture.

Here Are The Top Rib Cracking Political News Sites On The Internet

We think the internet is collapsing under the weight of political satire and trolls. Trolls aside, here is the list of top funny and hilarious satirical websites on the internet

Latin Leche / latinleche.org

Latin Leche – latinleche.org

The newest addition to the satire on the Internet. It’s the adult one. Latin Leche in obvious translation means latin milk, but it not necessarily is connected to… some dessert. Latin Leche is gay series that features adventures of American guys with some cash money cruising on the streets and looking for guys from Latin America that are willing to have some crazy public sex in exchange for a little money. It’s fantasy website and it features a lot of action, but it’s adult only, so keep it in mind. This satire really shows how real life on streets of USA looks like.

The Onion

The Onion is the king of political satire at the moment. If you are on Facebook then there is a strong chance you’ve already seen one of your friends read or like their Onion article. They frame their headlines in such a way that they look real but satirical at the same time. You will be confused and laugh when you encounter an Onion headline for the first time. The gag makers at Onion have divided their headlines into several categories with the U.S. Politics having a special section for an obvious reason, Trump! Their subtitles are equally hilarious.

One headline this week told a story of a white house sniper who was so bored on the building that he thought of lodging a bullet in the head of a random tourist walking in the streets.


Cracked is quite general with its humor which touches on political, social and economic trending events. They often launch hilarious diatribes on latest craze such as the unprecedented popularity of Bitcoin, Donald Trump’s strange kind of presidency, Kim Jong Un and Trump’s nukes argument and many other issues all packed in a rib-cracking package for Cracked’s army of readers. Cracked is highly popular and won’t miss on your Facebook suggestion list if you are already following another popular political satirist such as The Onion.


This week Snopes has headlines reporting that Sarah Palin has called for the ban on Arabic Numerals. In another headline, Caitlyn Jenner is set to do nudes for the cover of Sports Illustrated.

It is hard to come up with a list of satirical sites on the internet that people love to hate without mentioning Snopes. Their headlines are captivating and ridiculous at the same time, a situation that will leave you Googling the topics to ascertain if they are true or false only to realize that they are gags.

The Borowitz Report

Andy Borowitz is the guy behind this satirical website. It has been pouring scorn and fun at political events since 1998. The New Yorker has since added it into its stable as its official satirical subsection. The Borowitz Report seems to take a much different perspective on popular political events thus diverting the attention of the public to a satirical side of the story. One setback with The Borowitz Report is their meager number of articles which are really few especially if you put the size of the site into consideration. However, the quality is impressive while their hilarious insights have remained same for two decades.


Fark takes a different style not found in most other satirical websites in that the site allows its readers to submit real news political stories happening around the world. Users add custom headlines on the stories albeit with satirical undertones before bringing them to Fark. Nowadays the website allows users to submit almost any type of news from various categories and allows other users to comment and add pun on them.
There are hordes of satirical websites on the internet today, thanks to media freedom in most countries and a bunch of blundering politicians to pour fun at. Discovering one site leads you into noticing another site.

Political Satire In The American Society… And Mass Culture

The United States of America is known as one of the most important democracy around the globe. For many other countries, the American democracy is an example that they would like to implement. In each strong democracy, political satire is a manner to dissent and protest against politicians’ actions and behaviour. In the following paragraphs, we will try to speak a little about the political satire in the American society.

Role of political satire

Even if political satire is considered to be funny and is used as entertainment, the role of political satire is to correct those wrong behaviours of politicians and government. Sometimes it is difficult to consider if it is wrong or just it is our opinion, but political satire’s role is to highlight the errors that are made during the government process. Unfortunately, political satire may not provide solutions to these errors; it can only bring to the public attention these errors and create something funny for the audience. Another role of political satire could be education of the future politicians, in order to avoid the mistakes from previous politicians.

First political satires in the American society

The first political satires on the American continent appeared during the first political disputes. Because satire was present in the British society, it has been brought in America. One of the best political satirist was Benjamin Franklin in his work “Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One”. Other methods that were used as political satires of the beginnings of politics in America are cartoons. Cartoons were used at that times and are used even nowadays. An important aspect that supports political satire in the United States of America is that this kind of protest against the politicians is supported by the First Amendment.

How political satire looks like in the modern America society?

The American society has changed and the political satire in the United States has changed. The only thing that is similar is that democracy is still there, in the United States. Nowadays, political satire is strongly related with television. In the modern times, there were many films and televisions shows that have criticized politics by using political satire. The first American satires have been released on television in 1960’s and starting from then these satires have become more and more flourishing. Some of the best known American satires that have been released on television include shows such as “Saturday Night Live”, “Weekend Update” or “The Daily Show” and movies such as “Bananas”, “Bulworth”, “Wag the Dog”, “The Simpsons” or “Our Brand Is Crisis”. These are just part of the most important political satires that were done in the last twenty five years. But the shows that we have mentioned before have more than twenty five years of existences in the politics in the United States.

Mass culture satire on the rise, why?

American mass (pop) culture is full of satire websites dedicated to funny, and sometimes dead serious, issues. For example, in the year of 2017 – satire website of misbehaving nannies appeared on the web and it’s a perfect example of how Americans make joke of different parts of our lives. Be it nanny employment in this example, be it something totally different.

Nowadays, political satire is very used in the United States politics. But this is the proof of a healthy democracy and we are sure that political satire will remain part of the American society for many years to come.

 Evolution of Political Satire during the Time

Our world is governed by politics. All over the globe, people take part in the politics. Some of them take part as actors in politics and some of them just as the audience. Because politicians are not very popular sometimes, the population found a method of entertainment based on politics and in this way appeared the political satire.

Political satire and its beginnings

The appearance of political satire dates from ancient times, from the first types of governments. Even from the first political organizations, the political satire has been used in order to protest or to come with critics against governments. One of the oldest examples of political satire belongs to Aristophanes, who created several comic satires regarding ancient politicians or ancient gods. During the Roman Empire, we may find also some examples of political satire, satires belonging to authors such as Paul of Tarsus or Marcus Valerius Martialis. Political satire in the beginnings has been released as poetry, comedy or epigrams. Political satire was an important method to influence public opinion during the Athenian democracy.

Political satire coming closer to our times

We could speak about political satire in hundreds of pages, but we will try to give here only some headlines. Besides the beginnings of the political satire during the ancient period, there were many other important contributions in this domain during the time. One of the greatest and best known political satires is “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri. In his work, Dante considers that some of the politicians of that period should travel to Hell. Another huge name that has used political satire is William Shakespeare, who used plays such as “Richard II” in order to criticize politics of his times. Mark Twain is another important name in political satire. Even if Mark Twain was considered to be imperialism first, he become anti-imperialism and he choose political satire to express his ideas in his work “King Leopold’s Soliloquy”.

Political satire in the contemporary world

The world has changed very much from the past and even politics are different. Due to this, political satire has to be made totally different and it is done completely different than it was done in the past. If in the past political satire was strongly related with poetry, theater, novels and literature, nowadays political satire is more related with media and television. Politics is on the cover pages of the largest and biggest magazines. Due to this, political satire has to be also there. In the contemporary world, political satire is disseminated to the general public as caricatures, as cartoons, as movies or as stand-up comedies. This method of entertaining based on politics is used both during the election campaign and after the campaign, to criticize government. The internet is used also more and more in political satire, by using social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

We are sure that as long as politicians will exist the political satire will be present in our lives. And we consider that it is a democratic method to criticize government and have some fun.

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Best Political Satire of SNL

Saturday Night Live is one of the best variety and comedy Sketch show that is currently aired in America. The show was developed by Dick Ebersol and the creation of the show was done by Lorne Michaels. The show is run on NBC and has been running on American television since 1975. The previous name of the show was NBC’S Saturday Night however later it was named as Saturday Night Life which is often abbreviated as SNL.

The show involves comedy sketches which are more focused towards politics and culture. The performers in the show are members which are newer cast in nature. The theme of the show is such that in each episode there is a different celebrity guest. The celebrity guest actually hosts the show. The show also involves musical performances.

Best Political Satires

Some of the best political satires witnessed in SNL are as follows

  • The political sketch of the show broadcasted before the day of the election was highly appreciated by the masses. The two main characters of the show i: e is McKinnon and Baldwin acted as Donald Trump and Clinton. In the episode both Trump and Clinton were shown running through the Times Square holding each other hands. They also danced with the crowd. The episode made millions laugh and was the best in the entire season.
  • The show also aired the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The show was entertaining and the funniest part of the show was the scene when Donald Trump brings the ex-mistresses of Bill Clinton. During the show Donald Trump also says that he is made up of steel.
  • Another episode of SNL which won the hearts of Millions was aired last October. The show can be easily searched on the internet by typing Hillary Clinton Bar Talk. During the show the real Hillary Clinton is being interviewed by McKinnon who is the fake Clinton.
  • The show also has produced many wonderful episodes in the past as well and in one of the episodes they showed President Bill Clinton spending some time in McDonalds. The show was a massive hit and is still remembered today. The viewership of the show is still very high on YouTube.
  • Another show which really made everyone jump out of their seats was the one in which Sarah Palin openly supports Donald Trump. The show was exceptional and well scripted. The show went viral all over the world and many people got entertained through it. The show involved some comedy and some serious political satire. The show will be always remembered.

SNL is a very famous show and with the recent presidential elections, the popularity of the show got further increased. It is very much predicted that the show will continue to entertain the audience and its unique political satire will make many laugh. The show has been a hit and no other show has been able to compete it as far as American Television Shows are concerned.

The Best Political Satire Websites

It’s generally not a very good thing to do, but if you hate a person, and can’t say things to him openly, then sarcasm helps you hit the bull’s eye without getting you in trouble. It’s more appropriate to be sarcastic when, someone wants say something to a politician because being explicit can be very controversial. Political Satire has been a great way to get people’s message to politicians with a touch of humor. It doesn’t go harsh on anyone, nobody feels offended, and everything is done in a lighter way. There are a lot of mediums through which this mild, humoristic criticism can be sent on. Mostly TVs and Newspapers are the main, but Internet also has shown a lot of potential. Following are some websites where you can find Political Satire.


it is basically a mocking newspaper where you can read national, International and communal news. Plus you can see political satire quite often in form of cartoon pictures or articles.


From that ‘.uk’ in the end you must have guessed that it is a British website. In this domain you can find humoroussections on news, sports, politics, and etc. The site quite popular for its satire too.


This is an Indian website, which is particularly focused on articles. They can be on any topic like politics, society, technology and etc. Political articles contain a lot of good quality satire.


Just like the previous site that was dedicated to articles, this British website is no different. Here you can find tongue-in-cheek articles about politics, health, environment and etc.


This Japanese site is home to satire intended for Japanese politics. It delivers intelligences on topicslike  Japanese society, world affairs and etc. plus you also get to read about technology and stuff.


A popular mockery news magazine, which include news parody, political parody, celebrity humor and etc. This magazine website is solely dedicated to political satire. If you ever feel reading some, this is the place.


Again a British website, with so many satire sites, I suppose British people are quite sarcastic. Dailysquib.co.uk is a mocking newspaper offering comedy, political satire, opinion news and etc. It’s more like a complete satire package.


This is the hub of world’s funniest news and political humor. It also features the premium in journalistic cartoons, humor columns and fake news.


This is a weekly magazine of the brighter side of present events using satire, parody  and humor. That means you’re supposed to laugh and take none of it seriously.

To cut the story short, Internet has a huge impact on our lives and on our society too. In this age of time, it’s easy to change the way people think, the online world is quite different from reality. Political satire makes a common laugh and sometimes politicians too. In these difficult and harsh times, this political humor has been a source of smile to many people.

What You Should Know About Political Satire?

Political satire is very common nowadays and it is one of the most unique sources of entertainment for the general masses. A political satire is basically a sarcastic critique or examination of the political dynamics of a particular country. The main purpose of such satire is to expose the hypocrisy and irrationality of the political personalities or the parties. There are many kinds of political satires that currently exist in the world (which will be discussed later).

Main Targets

The most common entities which are targeted in a political satire are the political parties, politicians, legislation and the political media as well. Political satire can be done in various ways. Sometimes it may simply mean making fun of a political party’s representative such as making fun of his or her dress up etc. In some cases satires are intended to expose a person’s fault. For example political people preaching respect of women are exposed by showing their own misconduct with women etc.

The Greatest Challenge

The biggest challenge while going for political satire is to create a balance between apt political analysis and humor. If the balance is broken and if the satirist makes too many jokes then that can turn out to be an absolute mockery. Similarly a simple political analysis without any comedy at all can also damage the work of a satirist as that will turn out to be a simple political attack.

Forms of Political Satire

As mentioned earlier political satires can take various forms. Political satires have a long history and most of the forms of political satires have been there for centuries.  The first from of political satire can be termed as Prose satire. This type of political satire is often seen in the newspapers of today. This type of satire often takes the form of a newspaper article.

The second form of political satire is Editorial Cartoons. This kind of satire was developed back in the 20th and the 19th century. Most of these satires contain a panel of single cartoon. This kind of satire is commonly seen in the Newspapers of Today.

Another famous form of political satire is through television shows. In these shows fake news is created and the shows are run as if the news is real. These shows gain popularity usually during the election season.