‘The Death Of Stalin’ Is One Of A Kind Political Satire

It is not always easy to talk to politicians, but Armando Iannucci managed it in the ‘Death of Stalin’. Analysts are already projecting the political satire as the best of 2018. The ‘Death of Stalin’ is a spin on one of Russia’s defining historic moments.

A Quick Glance At The Story

The story follows the events after the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953. His death led to the start of a power struggle. As politicians gathered to pay their last respects to their fallen leader and forge a future for their country, they had other concerns on their mind. Among the contenders for power were George Malenkov (Deputy General Secretary), Nikita Khrushchev (Moscow Party Head), and Vyacheslav Molotov (Foreign Minister).

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Although the satire was mined from a scary time in the life of the nation, Iannucci did a great job by finding the balance between the reality of the situation, and humor as portrayed by the characters. In one of the scenes, two soldiers open the door at the wrong time and accidentally becomes witness to a coup d’état in progress. They apologize with a bow as they close the door, but it is too late and guards are sent to hunt them down.


The Other Works By Iannucci

This is not the first political satire we have seen from Armando Iannucci. Those who follow his work know he is the brain behind ‘The Thick of It’ and ‘Veep’, which are also political satires. Veep was a political satire that follows the series of events before the Trump era.

Historical Correctness Of ‘Death Of Stalin’

Not all the events that played out in the movie are one hundred percent based on history. A few fictional twists were necessary to keep the audience amused and entertained. However, the movie contains enough fact for anyone to get a grasp of how desperate humans can be in the quest for power, and the extent to which they are willing to go.

None of the cast had Russian accents or were made to look like the real-life people they were portraying. Iannucci explained this was deliberate because he didn’t want to make it look like a history lesson. It was made to play out like every other contemporary movie. Another salient message in the movie is the ease with which political toadies can be erased from the picture.