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Political Satire is a well-known art that has been there for quite some time now. In every Era or age you will find people satirizing their political system in one way or another.

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Political Satire is a well-known art that has been there for quite some time now. In every Era or age you will find people satirizing their political system in one way or another.

Best Political Satire of SNL

Saturday Night Live is one of the best variety and comedy Sketch show that is currently aired in America. The show was developed by Dick Ebersol and the creation of the show was done by Lorne Michaels. The show is run on NBC and has been running on American television since 1975. The previous name of the show was NBC’S Saturday Night however later it was named as Saturday Night Life which is often abbreviated as SNL.

The show involves comedy sketches which are more focused towards politics and culture. The performers in the show are members which are newer cast in nature. The theme of the show is such that in each episode there is a different celebrity guest. The celebrity guest actually hosts the show. The show also involves musical performances.

Best Political Satires

Some of the best political satires witnessed in SNL are as follows

  • The political sketch of the show broadcasted before the day of the election was highly appreciated by the masses. The two main characters of the show i: e is McKinnon and Baldwin acted as Donald Trump and Clinton. In the episode both Trump and Clinton were shown running through the Times Square holding each other hands. They also danced with the crowd. The episode made millions laugh and was the best in the entire season.
  • The show also aired the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The show was entertaining and the funniest part of the show was the scene when Donald Trump brings the ex-mistresses of Bill Clinton. During the show Donald Trump also says that he is made up of steel.
  • Another episode of SNL which won the hearts of Millions was aired last October. The show can be easily searched on the internet by typing Hillary Clinton Bar Talk. During the show the real Hillary Clinton is being interviewed by McKinnon who is the fake Clinton.
  • The show also has produced many wonderful episodes in the past as well and in one of the episodes they showed President Bill Clinton spending some time in McDonalds. The show was a massive hit and is still remembered today. The viewership of the show is still very high on YouTube.
  • Another show which really made everyone jump out of their seats was the one in which Sarah Palin openly supports Donald Trump. The show was exceptional and well scripted. The show went viral all over the world and many people got entertained through it. The show involved some comedy and some serious political satire. The show will be always remembered.

SNL is a very famous show and with the recent presidential elections, the popularity of the show got further increased. It is very much predicted that the show will continue to entertain the audience and its unique political satire will make many laugh. The show has been a hit and no other show has been able to compete it as far as American Television Shows are concerned.

Political Satire is a well-known art that has been there for quite some time now. In every Era or age you will find people satirizing their political system in one way or another.

The Best Political Satire Websites

It’s generally not a very good thing to do, but if you hate a person, and can’t say things to him openly, then sarcasm helps you hit the bull’s eye without getting you in trouble. It’s more appropriate to be sarcastic when, someone wants say something to a politician because being explicit can be very controversial. Political Satire has been a great way to get people’s message to politicians with a touch of humor. It doesn’t go harsh on anyone, nobody feels offended, and everything is done in a lighter way. There are a lot of mediums through which this mild, humoristic criticism can be sent on. Mostly TVs and Newspapers are the main, but Internet also has shown a lot of potential. Following are some websites where you can find Political Satire.


it is basically a mocking newspaper where you can read national, International and communal news. Plus you can see political satire quite often in form of cartoon pictures or articles.


From that ‘.uk’ in the end you must have guessed that it is a British website. In this domain you can find humoroussections on news, sports, politics, and etc. The site quite popular for its satire too.


This is an Indian website, which is particularly focused on articles. They can be on any topic like politics, society, technology and etc. Political articles contain a lot of good quality satire.


Just like the previous site that was dedicated to articles, this British website is no different. Here you can find tongue-in-cheek articles about politics, health, environment and etc.


This Japanese site is home to satire intended for Japanese politics. It delivers intelligences on topicslike  Japanese society, world affairs and etc. plus you also get to read about technology and stuff.


A popular mockery news magazine, which include news parody, political parody, celebrity humor and etc. This magazine website is solely dedicated to political satire. If you ever feel reading some, this is the place.


Again a British website, with so many satire sites, I suppose British people are quite sarcastic. Dailysquib.co.uk is a mocking newspaper offering comedy, political satire, opinion news and etc. It’s more like a complete satire package.


This is the hub of world’s funniest news and political humor. It also features the premium in journalistic cartoons, humor columns and fake news.


This is a weekly magazine of the brighter side of present events using satire, parody  and humor. That means you’re supposed to laugh and take none of it seriously.

To cut the story short, Internet has a huge impact on our lives and on our society too. In this age of time, it’s easy to change the way people think, the online world is quite different from reality. Political satire makes a common laugh and sometimes politicians too. In these difficult and harsh times, this political humor has been a source of smile to many people.

Political Satire is a well-known art that has been there for quite some time now. In every Era or age you will find people satirizing their political system in one way or another.

What You Should Know About Political Satire?

Political satire is very common nowadays and it is one of the most unique sources of entertainment for the general masses. A political satire is basically a sarcastic critique or examination of the political dynamics of a particular country. The main purpose of such satire is to expose the hypocrisy and irrationality of the political personalities or the parties. There are many kinds of political satires that currently exist in the world (which will be discussed later).

Main Targets

The most common entities which are targeted in a political satire are the political parties, politicians, legislation and the political media as well. Political satire can be done in various ways. Sometimes it may simply mean making fun of a political party’s representative such as making fun of his or her dress up etc. In some cases satires are intended to expose a person’s fault. For example political people preaching respect of women are exposed by showing their own misconduct with women etc.

The Greatest Challenge

The biggest challenge while going for political satire is to create a balance between apt political analysis and humor. If the balance is broken and if the satirist makes too many jokes then that can turn out to be an absolute mockery. Similarly a simple political analysis without any comedy at all can also damage the work of a satirist as that will turn out to be a simple political attack.

Forms of Political Satire

As mentioned earlier political satires can take various forms. Political satires have a long history and most of the forms of political satires have been there for centuries.  The first from of political satire can be termed as Prose satire. This type of political satire is often seen in the newspapers of today. This type of satire often takes the form of a newspaper article.

The second form of political satire is Editorial Cartoons. This kind of satire was developed back in the 20th and the 19th century. Most of these satires contain a panel of single cartoon. This kind of satire is commonly seen in the Newspapers of Today.

Another famous form of political satire is through television shows. In these shows fake news is created and the shows are run as if the news is real. These shows gain popularity usually during the election season.

Political Satire is a well-known art that has been there for quite some time now. In every Era or age you will find people satirizing their political system in one way or another.

The Method of Political Satire

7 Continents, 195 countries, and 7.4 Billion people. This is world summed up in numbers. Each country has its own Government, but none of the government has a 100% satisfied nation. In every country there are always some people, or sometimes many, who find flaws in their politicians. Nobody is completely pleased by the political body running their respective countries.People having the freedom of speech, or having a platform through which they can make sure that their voices are heard, is pretty rare. It is quite controversial to openly say something to a politician, either who raises the voice is killed or his/her voice never reaches the politician’s desk. The safer way to get your message through is the political satire. In this way, you’re still saying what you want to, but you target doesn’t feel offended.

Satire is basically done for corrective purposes, it totally not meant to hurt someone’s ego. A critical approach with humor is what satire is. This thing itself is an art, not everyone can do it, and those who can are super cautious while doing it. Media is the biggest medium for political satire. Every now and then you can see parodies of various politicians on TV, or jokes in newspaper. In short there are various methods of Political Satire, few of them are as follows.

You must have seen a lot of parody shows, where various artists come in get up of different politicians and mimic them. They copy their way, add humor to it and add a touch of sarcasm too. This kind of criticism doesn’t hurt anyone’s feeling, but is effective enough to get the message through. Such parody shows are quite popular and have a quite high TRP as well. Not only the audience finds it funny, but some politicians have alsobeen seen laughing at their imitations.

Moreover Newspapers are no less than a TV in terms of medium. Where TVs don’t reach, papers do. Column Writers (people who write for newspaper) are really good at political satires. Their criticism is much more formal and has a high level of intellect, only people with sound knowledge of politics and current affairs tend to get the writers sarcasm. Though the satire is very subtle, but its impact is quite heavy. Next, you must have seen cartoons of various political heads in newspaper, artist carefully amalgamate a message, humor and sarcasm in a single picture. That is humorous and awakening at the same time.Then articles in magazines, short movies, mimicry done by average people and etc, all these are ways of political satire.

Sarcasm doesn’t go heavy on anyone, but yet it shows him/her the mirror. Political satire is definitely one of the best ways to get your message through. It’s a lesson for the politicians and at the same time hilarious for the people. This method is used all over the world to tease and teach the political leaders.

Political Satire is a well-known art that has been there for quite some time now. In every Era or age you will find people satirizing their political system in one way or another.

The Great Political Satirists

The world has produced some of the best political satirists through ages. These political satirists had a great impact on the society within which they lived. The works of these satirists are still read today and their works are considered as classics. There are many such popular personalities that can be named in this article, however if we have to choose the six greatest ones then the following names have to be mentioned.

Matt Stone

Matt Stone is a famous actor of America and is also known for his animation and writing skills. He is known for co-creating the show South Park. South Park is an animated show that involves some serious political satire. Matt Stone has written several wonderful books and has also been part of some super hit movies. In terms of Political satire, his greatest contribution has been South Park. The show has a huge following and has been a super hit.


The real name of George Orwell was Eric Arthur Blair. He was born on 25th of June, 1903 and died on 21st of January, 1950. George Orwell was basically a critic, English novelist, essayist and journalist. Most of his works contain awareness related to social injustice, lucid prose, promotion of democratic socialism and criticism on Totalitarianism.

Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce was born on 24th of June, 1842 and died on circa 1914. He was an American story writer, satirist, Editorialist and Journalist. His famous contribution was a satirical Lexicon by the name of “The Devil’s Dictionary”. He is famous for his Motto “Nothing Matters” and his critical view on human nature.


Voltaire was a famous French writer, philosopher and historian. He is known for his bitter critique on the Catholic Church and was a preacher of secularism. He openly supported religious freedom and freedom of speech. He was born on 21st of November 1964 and died on the 30th of May 1778.

Jonathan Swift

Jonathan swift is known for his book Gulliver’s Travels. He was born on the 30th of November 1667 and died on 19th of October 1745. He belonged to Ireland and spent his entire life in the country. Apart from Gulliver, he has authored many other famous works as well such as A Tale of a Tub, a Modest Proposal and An Argument against abolishing Christianity. He was an expert in satires and was a master in both Juvenalian as well as Horatian styles.


Erasmus was born on 28th of October 1466 and died on 12th of July 1536. He belonged to Netherlands and is often listed among the classical scholars which the world has produced. He was a religiously committed person and he was the man who was behind the Greek and Latin writings of the New Testament. He is considered as the main force behind the European renaissance.

These were some of Greatest Political Satirists which the world has produced. The works of these satirists can still be read today and a lot of popular books have been written on their personalities.

Political Satire is a well-known art that has been there for quite some time now. In every Era or age you will find people satirizing their political system in one way or another.

The Evolution of Political Satire

Political satire is a type of art in which human shortcomings are highlighted through ridicule, irony and other such methodologies. The main purpose of these satires is to bring about an improvement in the overall system of the society. Political satires can also be termed as a positive critique which is done along with humor and comedy.

Mediums: Political Satires

There are many mediums nowadays through which political satires can be done. Among these mediums, the best is drama and literature. Nowadays visual arts, films and political cartoons are also used by political satirists.


Historical Records tell us that political satires have been there since the time of Greeks.  Very appealing political satires have been found in the Greek literature. The Roman history is also not short of satires. The satires of popular satirists of Rome like Horace and Juvenal are worth reading even today. Reading the text of these two greats give two different definitions of a satirist. According to Horace, a satirist is a person who sees insanity everywhere in the society. However rather than being Angry, he or she is often seen laughing. According to Juvenal, a satirist has a very dignified personality and he or she is often angry with corrupt behavior of the society.

The Era of Elizabeth

The reign of Queen Elizabeth can be termed as a Golden Age for the satirists. This is the age when the world produced well-Known Satirists like Jonathan Swift, Voltaire and Daniel Defoe. These people wrote some classical stuff and most of their work was very much straight forward. The famous work of Voltaire by the name of Candide gives one the impression that life is very beautiful however it is not short of Tragedies.  Similarly Jonathan Swift tried to highlight the cruelty of the world in which we live in. Lastly Daniel Defoe made some serious critique on the Monarchs.

The Evolution

Each period has produced great satirists of its time. As mentioned earlier, the Elizabethan satire had its own class. The Persian political satire has its own class and the Anglo-American satire gives a different feel to the reader. As a reader one finds lot of differences in the satires of different periods. The main reason behind this fact is that each period had its own different political scenario.

The Modern Political Satire

Though prose and cartoon political satire is also entertained by the masses however the type of political satire which has gained some serious fame among the masses is Television Shows. Many political satirists of television have become well-known celebrities today. The well-known political satirists of today are:

  • Trevor Noah
  • Lenny Bruce
  • Bill Maher
  • Jon Stewart
  • George Carlin
  • Stephen Colbert
  • Rick Mercer
  • Peter Cook
  • Maddox
  • Ian Hislop

Famous Shows

Some of the famous shows related to Political Satire are as follows:

  • Show
  • The Larry Slanders Show
  • Bill Hicks
  • The Thick of It
Political Satire is a well-known art that has been there for quite some time now. In every Era or age you will find people satirizing their political system in one way or another.

Political Satire inthe United States

Political Satire and USA

The most serious type of expression that currently exists in cultures all over the world is Political Satire. It is a kind of expression that basically comprises sarcasm, ridicule and Irony. The main focus or purpose of Political satire is to expose the weaknesses in a particular political system. A positive political change is the main goal or objective of Political Satire. Today Political satire can be seen in all kinds of media, whether it be television, newspapers and other such mediums.

In the United States of America, most of the political satirists have criticized the political affairs and political scenarios that exist in the country. Political Satire has been there in USA since the American War of Independence.  The form of Political satire that has really been influential in USA is the Television shows. The television shows can be further divided into two different forms namely normal satirical late night shows and different animated programs.

The Famous Satirical Shows of USA

There are various satirical shows that have been entertaining the US population for ages. Among these shows some of the popular late night shows are

  • Saturday Night Live: The most popular show that is still on air even today is the Saturday night live. The show was first broadcasted back in the year 1975 and the channel which ran the show was the famous NBC. The hosts of the show are Will Ferell, John Belushi and Eddie Murphy. The show is considered the pioneer of political satire in USA and is known for its impersonation based comedy.
  • Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Another satirical show which is very famous in USA is that of The Tonight Show. The show is being hosted by Jay Leno. The show ran from 1992 till 2009. The show again started in the year 2010. The show was aired from NBC studios.
  • Late Show with David Letterman: The host of the show is David Letterman. The show was first aired back in the year 1993. The production of the show was done by Latterman’s production company. The show was run by CBS Television Studios.
  • The Simpsons: The Simpsons is basically an animated show that has been created by Matt Groening. The show was created for Fox Broadcasting Company. The show involves satirical description of the life pertaining to working class. The show has won the Guiness record as well and is highly watched in the American Society.
  • South Park:It is basically an animated cartoon that has been developed by Matt Stine and Trey Parker. “Satire” is the key element of the show and this satire can be related to several different topics.

These were some of the shows that are known for their Political Satire in USA. Some of these shows are still running and some are not aired anymore. However the ones that are not aired have been replaced by new shows that also contain political Satire.

Political Satire is a well-known art that has been there for quite some time now. In every Era or age you will find people satirizing their political system in one way or another.

Famous Political Satire Books

Usually Television shows are more seen nowadays when it comes to political satire. However there are some books as well which have gained a lot of appreciation among the masses as far as political satire is concerned. These books have been written by different authors and now are available in almost all the book stores of the world. Needless to say these books are also available in various online platforms too. Some of the political satire books that are worth reading are discussed in the headings below:

America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction

The book has been written by John Stewart and contains some hilarious criticism on the Government in America. The book explains the American democracy in detail. The topics that the book covers are as follows

  • Ancient Rome: The First Republicans
  • The Founding Fathers: Young, White and gifted
  • The Media: Can it Be Stopped?

I Am America (And So Can You!)

The book has been written by Stephen Colbert who is also the host of the famous show by the name of Colbert Report. In this book the writer has given his opinion on The American Family, Sports, Sex, Religion and Race. The book also discusses about the different harms that are being promoted by Hollywood in the American Society. The Book is a must read and is a perfect specimen of political satire.


The book has been written by George Orwell. Though the book has been written a long time ago however it is still a classic as far as political satire is concerned. The book is still purchased today and involves the unique writing style of George Orwell.

Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s Travel is a political satire that has been written by Jonathan Swift. The book is a fictional story and on it various animated movies have also been made. The Book involves the character of Gulliver who gets ship wrecked and wakes up at the Island of Lilliput. In the island, the people are way too small and for them Gulliver is a Giant. The book is a master piece and is still read by many today.


Boomsday is basically a Novel that was written back in the year 2007 by Christopher Buckley. The book revolves around the rivalry between younger generations and baby boomers in America. The book was originally published on 2nd April, 2007. The publisher of the book is Hachette Book Group.

The Lying Liars &LiesWho Tell Them: A Fair & Balanced Look at the Right

The book has been written by Al Franken and the main focus of this book is American Politics. Al Franken is a well-known political commentator and a comedian hence one can imagine how entertaining this book will be. The Book was published back in the year 2003. The Publisher of the book is Dutton Penguin. The book is an ideal reading material for all those individuals who are interested in American Politics.

These were some of the books which one can read as far as Political Satire is Goes.

Political Satire is a well-known art that has been there for quite some time now. In every Era or age you will find people satirizing their political system in one way or another.